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The lessons of Rosetta are on the theme of the garden for it is his talent. The lessons of Rosetta is 3 episodes of pixie preview.

The pupils of the class: TinkerBell,Fawn, Silvermist,Iridessa,Vidia (not apparer in second episode)  and the squirrel (apparer any in the first and third episode)


Lesson 1[]


Rosetta makes a new program called "Flowers: not only for Garden Fairies". Tink and her friends are present, with a

squirrel. Ro tells them about how a fairy gold was made by a painting incident. 2 Fairies were painting red and yellow on some flowers when they accidently sprays 2 colors onto one flowers, and a fairy gold was made. Ro gives seeds. The squirrel eats the seed and everyone stares. He gulps and sits the part of the seed her chewed and fixed it on the other half of the seed. The chewed half falls to the ground.

Lesson 2[]


Everyone is busy plantng the seeds. Rosetta says that teaching is so easy. She rests on a mushroom. Fawn is beating the seed to the ground and when she asks Rosseta about it, Rosetta says it fine. So Fawn keeps beating it. Iridessa is pointing sunlight to her seed and waters it. The seed pops out of the hole. Silvermist ahs just watered her seed and it grows. But the suns makes it dry and dead. TinkerBell is using a hide machine to plant the seed. The plant grows,but it is too tall so it knocks the machine and Tink and the flower down. A bucket on the machine gets stuck to Rosetta 's head. She then says, "Teaching sure is not so easy!"

Lesson 3[]


With only one seed left, Rosetta tells everyone to work together and make the seed a sucess. Tink digs a hole and Fawn plants the seed. Vidia puts the soil back, Silvermist waters, and Iridessa gives it some light. The fairygold grows and Rosetta paints it. Rosetta says that with friends, you can make one fairy gold. Then Clank and Bobble come with a sheet of paper and sprinkles some pixie dust on it. Immedialy, dozens of fairygolds grown. Rosetta laughs a little and says "Class Dissmissed."